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Nov 26, 2021

It's Man vs. Alien Cyborg in this low budget sci-fi action romp from 1989!

Spoilers for The Eternals and Dune from 5:50 - 33:56 

Oct 25, 2021

After Halloween 2, John Carpenter wanted to try and make Halloween an anthology franchise with each film telling a different story set on Halloween night. Halloween III Season of the Witch is what resulted. Did it work? Well, Halloween 4 is called The Return of Michael Myers, so...

Spoilers for Midnight Mass from 1:17 -...

Sep 26, 2021

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, water-rich community escape a horde of bandits. That was the description for Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior with two words changed to make it applicable to 1987's STEEL DAWN starring patron saint of the podcast Patrick "Dalton" Swayze.



Aug 13, 2021

In honour of Friday the 13th we wrap up the Super Spooky Summer by taking a look at Jason Voorhees' final (not so final) outing in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday!

This episode is brought to you by SANDCASTLES & SHORELINES - a RiKai Zine:  ✨PRE-ORDERS OPEN NOW✨  

Jul 13, 2021

What happens when you try and sequelize an all-time classic? It's not what you'd expect...
We talk about Psycho II for this episode in our Super Spooky Summer!
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